History of Science, Technology, and Engineering (STE) Program

To deliver quality education anchored on character and excellence is the vision of Paranaque National High School.  To attain excellence in its entirety, the school is adapting the Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) Program (formerly ESEP).

  The Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) at Paranaque National High School started in 1993.  The school was among the first 12 schools in the NCR to offer the Special Science Curriculum.  The school offers the regular program and the Special Science Program.  The STE Program in the school is being implemented only in the Special Science classes. The program coordinator from the time of its implementation up to now is the Science Department Head of the school.

  The STE Program at Paranaque National High School started with the 2 upper sections in first year up to fourth year comprising of about 50 students per section.   In 1994, teacher –training was conducted for Science and Mathematics teachers who handled the Special Science classes.  These Mathematics and Science teachers were asked to take a Certificate or Diploma Program in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics at De La Salle University –Manila or Philippine Normal University.  The studies of these teachers were funded by the DOST-SEI under the ESEP.

  The STE Program is the school’s vehicle in advocating excellence in academics making it stood high among other secondary schools at Paranaque City.  Elementary graduates from both public and private schools seek admission test.  The STE Program caters to the need of selected students whose interests are in Science and Mathematics.

  The Paranaque National High School is situated in an urban community.  The school has already attained the Level III (Progressive Level) in the School-based Management dimension. 

  The instruments used in the assessment are the School Profile Form and the Physical and Financial Accomplishment Report.

  The assessment results are utilized to improve the delivery of the STE Program at Paranaque National High School.